It’s now six months since the cats’ Best Auntie Jan helped me bring them home to their retirement dwelling. They’ve acquired two more Best Aunties, remembered (most of) their civilised behaviour, grown to look fitter and happier, and generally settled in.

There is, of course, trouble ahead in terms of mortality and ageing. Mystic is very content still, but his nose can only get worse. He still has a huge appetite and loves cuddles, but is increasingly retreating to his sofa-top perch out of the mainstream. He shows no signs of pain or distress, and has some very good active days. Felix still loves to go out but now both he and Mystic insist that it’s my job to open the catflap to let them out as it’s too confusing, though they’ll happily come back in. Fluff the beautiful is also Fluff the lazy – he’s no intention of going out while ‘out’ is insisting on being cold!

So we are in a pleasant lull for the moment. This is also true on the writing front, since The Dry Well is still out being read. I’ve tidied up some smaller jobs in the house and on the PC, and am beginning to go back over the existing notes for my next-planned Tolkien project. I think it will be too long to offer as an article, so was musing on the possibility of publishing it myself through Eluth Publishing, my imprint for SKORN.

Then a had a slightly madder idea, as is my wont. I’ve just emailed the English department at the University of Exeter (Devon) and opened an exploratory conversation regarding the possibility of making it a PhD project (if anyone on faculty would feel able to supervise it.)

And it’s not even New Year!

Sixty-eight is not too old to start a PhD, is it?




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