This is the first thing I wrote after my husband’s sudden death in 2013, maybe two or three months later. No-one has actually ever said to me ‘Time is a great healer,’ but I remain afraid that someone will one day. Perhaps that’s why this came out as a reply to that statement.

I’ve never shared it online before

…daily Time sits stolid
on the porch bench
gazing west.

…nightly He sits silent
in the chair He emptied
staring down to hide

His eyes.
but I know they are dark
with unconcern.

…always He looks away,
He has no interest in healing.

He has no interest at all.

He sits, stolid.





4 thoughts on “WRITING FOR A CHANGE 12

  1. This is where I feel uncomfortable about the term of ‘liking’. I know what you mean – only you can give time meaning because it’s not something you can anthropomorphise… Death, as Terry P saw it/him is somewhat different, because it’s/he’s PERSONAL!
    (((Hugs You)))


    1. Thanks dear – this is my stance, I suppose, about the common roundworld view of Time – just as Auden’s ‘Time will say nothing but I told you so’ stands against the saying ‘Time will tell.’ Time’s just not bothered, frankly. I know you understand, bless you.


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