Mystic is not doing too badly now – under the influence of painkiller and antibiotic he retains his usual calm, and the eyedrops are zapping the eye infection.

All three cats are so much more settled and calm than they were six months ago, as their Best Auntie Jan remarked when she saw them again yesterday. In fact they were so calm they took very little notice at all of Auntie, or of Nice New Uncle Keith.

As soon as I wrote that, Mystic came up the stairs and demonstrated a high level of activity, just to prove me wrong. He’s wandering about looking either for something interesting to do or to eat, or maybe a forbidden spot to wee on! Apart from the wee idea, this is very encouraging.

Nevertheless, my heart sinks when I look at the erosion of his beautiful pink nose. I can only hope it proceeds slowly, but the decision still looms even though it may not be soon. Kindly thoughts for Mystic, please.

This is not his nose, but it must have looked like this before we met.



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