I’m happy to report that Mystic must be responding well to his various medications. Despite the distressing state of his nose, he seems to have regressed to kittenhood and has been having bursts of what non-cat-people would call ‘being naughty.’

He’s been dashing up and down the stairs, sadly (for me) pausing to deposit a smelly offering at one point thus giving me the delightful job of clearing up and scrubbing when he’s not done that for ages.

I’m glad he’s feeling better!



4 thoughts on “CATALOGUE 90

    1. His eye is certainly on the mend, though of course the skin cancer on the nose won’t be – what I suspect is that the painkiller for the eye is also easing pain I didn’t realise he had, due to the nose. Shall check with the vet if it’s K to keep him on it even when the eye is better. Reducing pain has to be good. 🙂


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