When you’ve seen one year you’ve seen them all; hence my determining many many ‘new years’ ago never to make any more new year resolutions – except that last one! I still form intentions and make plans, but I have less reason to beat myself over the head with a wet fish when I change my mind or just don’t make it.

Speaking of wet fish, the cats are home with me after my cruel abandonment of them to the best cattery in the area, with fresh chicken and fish, warm beds and lots of care and attention. I picked them up on 31st December at the end of a fairly awful journey that started in freezing fog on 30th and ended in a little half-hearted sunshine the next day. We were home before dark and all was well if you discount the fact that the boiler (oil-fired; all heating and hot water depends on it) was out and had evidently been so for some time. COLD!

Oh, and the log-burner is in a bad way and needs either drastic repairs or more likely replacing. Lovely. I got the boiler going by simply changing the fuse in the mains electric plug, but it took a good 24 hours to warm the house up. Drying some laundry in the tumble-dryer helped, also a small but fairly efficient fan-heater raised the living-room above freezing. Best of all, for the first time for a couple of months all three cats clustered on my lap on the sofa to watch TV; either they missed me or they seriously disliked their cold, cold house.

All seem well, give or take the few mishaps that always seem to come on return from cattery; ‘O yeah, that’s where the litter-tray is, sorry Mum.’ ‘No I don’t like that food any more, can I have fresh fish like at the cattery?’ Having said that, Mystic has definitely deteriorated a little, and is more or less desperate to be always the one on my lap while the others repose on the now re-warmed carpets. He just needs comfort, I think, and why not. Yesterday when Fluff tried to share my lap, Mystic turned round and bit him, luckily with a weak old jaw and completely blunt teeth. Fluff looked very affronted though.

Mystic is now sitting out on the landing waiting for me to stop hitting the silly thing on the desk and come back downstairs where I belong.

Cats and laundry more or less settled now, by tomorrow I must start to tackle some of those plans I have formed, but not resolved. Assuming the boiler stays on!



2 thoughts on “CATALOGUE 91

  1. ‘Blessed’ boilers! I had a faulty valve somewhere in the labyrinthine pipework at the beginning of December, so was freezing my derriere off about 2 days after the plumber claimed to have fixed it. Needed another visit and 100 quid or so additional funds to coax it into behaving itself.
    Hopefully Mystic will be getting back to his usual easy-going self again once normal service is resumed – at least they were all pleased to see you! 😀

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    1. Poor freezing writers in garrets, we is! Mystic’s eye had flared up by this morning so I started eyedrops – good thing I asked for some more on Monday when I got more pain-killer. He seems a bit more relaxed already, bless him.


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