cat cartoon

I should have gone out to lunch today.

Cat-servants will understand that when ones cats are old and ill one may find oneself giving things up.

Mystic has been not quite right, on and off, up and down, ever since getting home on Saturday,

On Tuesday I started his eyedrops again as his left eye was plainly in trouble once more, all sore and flared up. This seemed to help, he became generally brighter and started opening that eye more naturally. He even grew strong enough to start resisting the administration of the drops yesterday.

This morning, of course, he was not well again. Apart from lying on his side in a collapsed sort of way, he also bit me twice and had a go at Fluff. This is not like him. He was also very restless, swinging between demanding to be the one on my lap and glaring at anyone else who approached, and flopping miserably down on the floor again.

So I decided it was best to cry off my golden opportunity for some time with two fellow-writers in case Mystic was seriously unwell.

‘We’ve heard all this before,’ I hear you say. So you have indeed. Just about the time it was definitely too late to think of getting to the lunch spot, Mystic perked up and ate a hearty lunch of his own. Well, he’s a cat, I did know that when I adopted him.

Must remember I am a cat-servant first of all. I apologise to my lovely family, and to my dangling writing projects, but that’s the way it is!


2 thoughts on “CATALOGUE 92

  1. They are very demanding little ’employers’… (based on a reward system with purrs and letting you have play time with them). At least the canine variety sometimes look grateful for all the buttling activity 😉

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    1. Well, one of the things with very old and not too well felines is that one does get some love back – but one certainly has to earn it. I hope lunch went well medear, I had a solitary sandwich!


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