Why I got assessed for dyspraxia as an adult

Wish my dear late husband had been diagnosed…

Fat Dyspraxic (with a dog)

I got assessed for dyspraxia early last year and for a long time I have wanted to write a post about getting a late assessment.

It’s something children have, right?

197035_6719020281_5235_n Me as an angelic child. Second from left.

If you are reading this as someone who also got assessed as an adult or as an adult who thinks they might have dyspraxia, then like me you have probably found a lot of the information available for the condition is targetted at children. That’s understandable to a point as early diagnosis is going to make the life of someone with the condition a lot more manageable. However, there is a noticeable imbalance of information available for adults even though there is no cure and if it has never been recognised, it undoubtedly has caused a great deal of suffering for any adult to now be asking: is this me?

I didn’t know what…

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