That tired feeling seems to have sneaked back this afternoon. It apparently lurks around the corner waiting until I’m not looking then casting some sort of net of darkness around me. YAWN.

It’s been getting better though, I wouldn’t say I’m TATT any more. Would be nice to feel energetic for more than 2-3 days at a time though.

Maybe the steps I take today will just have to be tinier ones that those I took yesterday. It’s frustrating tough, especially for those of us like me, who want to have everything done by yesterday, or preferably last year. As soon as I think of a project I want it to be complete. If there’s anything in Astrology that rings a bell with me it’s the idea that Arians are good at having ideas and starting things but not so good at completing them.

Will just have to prove that wrong I suppose. Stretching and starting again – upwards and onwards.



2 thoughts on “WRITING FOR A CHANGE 20

  1. The period after Yule & Hogmanay is always an energy-sapper I think. There’s a lot of mileage in the SAD syndrome (Seasonal Affective Disorder), what with cold, short days and dismal weather, even if you’re not prone to depression… Still – it’s good that you’re feeling less lethargic, even if it’s in fits and starts. πŸ˜€
    I’m resolution-less as well, but my watchwords for 2017 are ‘fluid’ and ‘organic’. Going with the flow is the only sensible way forward when your energies are at a low ebb. I’m reverting to my regime of ‘doing one thing I don’t want to do and then pleasing myself the rest of the day’ – it’s not dynamic, but it’s very liberating and much less frustrating for your self-esteem! πŸ˜‰

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    1. Excellent advice as ever, O Wise Woman of Kernow! That’s exactly what I’m doing – one congenial job a day, one less congenial, more if the energy holds, OK then time for a few mins of Sporcle! Always remembering the manifold lessons to be drawn from ‘Leaf by Niggle.’


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