'I've really been ignoring the paperwork lately.'

At last I am waking up – the trouble with my long half-sleep during the autumn, however, is that there are now a million things to do.

Domestic; writerly; academic; organdising big stuff; organdising little stuff.

(We always organdise in my family, it’s much less boring than organising.)

Domestic – well, I refuse to describe the state of my kitchen composting caddy before I scrubbed it this morning. Tick.

Little stuff; well, smallish. On 12th Jan my kindly car care company rang to gently suggest I brought it in for an MOT and service, seeing as how the MOT had run out on 11th (blush.) Tick.

Academic; my expert reader has now passed my 514-word introductory text for submission, so yes, I really can grit my teeth and approach a professor. (That sounds a little like a plan for a mugging, but maybe that’s apt.) Tick.

Writerly: still working towards publication of The Dry Well, but progressing for a change. Tick.

Big stuff; starting to realise long-held plans for super once-in-a-life-time family holiday in the autumn. More later. Tick.

Of course this means lots more lists are being written, spin-offs from my master-list, but for the first time for ages things are being ticked off the lists at a rate higher than one per day – or one per week as it was at its worst.

One reason for this, I suspect, is that I have turned the central heating down a notch – yes, in January! It was very slightly too high and was causing sudden naps. At my age it can take an hour to get fully awake after a ten-minute snooze. The cats still seem to be getting cosy nevertheless, so unless the weather plunges to unusually low temperatures for Devon, I’m carrying on.

So nice to be getting re-acquainted with my brain. Hi brain!




  1. Sometimes drastic action is called for! Today I bought some spinach in a vain attempt to ingest some proper vitamins from source, rather than a bottle – every little helps, just like the notch down on the thermostat… 😉

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    1. I keep trying to eat more greens too – and have fruit-juice (NOT from concentrate) each morning, a banana for lunch, etc. Can’t expect the brain to run on air, I spose!


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