Mystic is still apparently content with life, eating well, cuddling whenever he can, and even in this cold weather nipping outside for five minutes a day.

His nose is getting worse so very slowly. I’ve just distressed myself by looking at online pictures of cats with skin cancer affecting their noses, why did I do that? I suppose we feel a need in these situations to have some idea what to expect, but I have to say that some of the poor cats I saw were in a state that I would not feel right in inflicting on Mystic. Especially given his very advanced age. I know we all draw our lines at different places when it comes to the last decision, but if I’ve learnt anything from that horrified glimpse of the possible future, it’s that I’d draw the line for Mystic much sooner.

He’s still getting nosebleeds but they seem less alarming to me now as they seem not to alarm him at all. No point in panicking the patient.

As long as his days are full of food and sleeps and cuddles, that’s good. Send positive thoughts please.


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