Nope, today it’s moths and little white wriggly moth-babies.

In November I had two carpets sprayed for moth, and three wardrobe floors cleared of ancient wool carpet in favour of laminate.

In my study I’m living with the damage caused in three small patches of the carpet, until such time as I can get round to organising/affording a replacement. Thee’s no sign of spreading or recurrence.

However, in my late husband’s office is the last piece of the old woollen carpet that was put in the house 20 years ago when it was built. That was the second one sprayed, as a temporary measure I’d hoped, since there room contains 2 x 4-drawer metal filing cabinets and 1 x 2-drawer. I’m working to clear the papers, both business and political, but it’s a slow job as it all needs to be checked to see what needs shredding. Hopefully at least one large cabinet can then go, but whoever sorts out the new flooring will have to be willing to move this heavy stuff as I certainly cannot.

But there must be a tougher breed of moth in that old carpet. This morning I went in and collected the waste bin to empty, and found beneath it a new lot of holey carpet. And wiggling larvae and crawling moths. I hope Buddha will forgive me for the wholesale slaughter I then committed.

I think a respray would be under warranty, but replacement would be better if they can deal with the office furniture.

Darned moffs!




    1. Indeed s – they’ve not rung back yet so will follow up tomorrow if needs be – currently wresting with practising on InDesign and Pulp!


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