I never get a lot of views on this blog, and rarely get comments except those from a few faithful friends. What’s interesting is that I get more for CATALOGUE posts than for WRITING FOR A CHANGE posts.

Is the universe trying to tell me something?

Maybe I should just give up trying to put words together and refurb my house into a proper cat refuge? (It already tends to smell like one.) I could run it as a specialist gericatric home.

Or is it just that this internet full of cute cat pictures is conditioning more and more of us into an automatic ‘AWWWW!’ reaction at the thought of cats, and that books and reading have no hope of keeping up?

I’m sorry if you feel gericatric-deprived, everyone, but life has been fairly quiet with the mogs – thankfully for my editing time. Even Mystic’s nose has had a few days off bleeding. In the absence of endearing cat-tales I’ll just have to show some pics of them again, and remind you to read Shadows of the Trees before ‘The Dry Well’ comes out next month.





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