Urrgh – had a strange week indeed. Goodish news for Mystic after the Bleeding Nose Affair. The antibiotics supplied by the vet seem excellent, he scoffs them in his food without noticing, and the tissues on the outside of his nose that have been affected by the cancer are already dryer, less red, less nasty-looking. So one hopes that means a similar effect inside, thus reducing, for now, the risk of infection/inflammation and the resultant nosebleeds. He’s more relaxed and happier too.

The Moth Saga – I decided yesterday to steam into the carpet company in person, clutching my Filofax – always a dread sight. I discovered they’d been busy moving premises, within the same industrial estate, and I suppose those are mitigating circumstances. However, the lady I spoke to – the same one I originally had a useful phone call with two weeks ago – said darkly that if people wrote things down more consistently other people would know what was going on.

Anyhow, action stations. I have selected the new carpet. I have a date – next Friday – with the guy who assesses and measures up; and after that I can get a fitting date.

This whole thing will mark a turning point for me that is more emotional than might seem likely on the surface. I’ve resolved to get one of the large filing cabinets out of the house as part of this exercise, and also to admit that Andrew’s old computer needs to go. I’m always amazed and slightly bewildered by the realisation that some people don’t get attached to objects, even when those objects have association with loved ones who have gone. I usually find it hard to part with such items, but I do know it just makes sense that if everything is being dismantled for the carpet operation, I should take advantage of it. I’m very proud of myself for achieving this frame of mind, and I’m sure Andrew would be proud of me too.

Of course it’s all going to disrupt the cats and I will have to endure angry stares – but I’m used to those!



4 thoughts on “CATALOGUE 101, WITH MOTHS

    1. Had to tread a few new ones this morning, little beasties. But yes, in a wider perspective they have helped me a step along the way, tis very hard to change that room, I find.


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