One of my favourites in W.H. Auden’s book of Clerihews, ‘Academic Graffiti’ is this one:

Soren Kierkegaard
Tried awfully hard
To take the leap;
But fell in a heap.

The reference here is to the ‘Leap of faith’, but falling in a heap can often happen to us at any crisis point. In my editing journey I’ve just about reached the end of working in Word, and can now take the leap into learning to typeset with Pulp.

So this morning I woke full of fatigue, pain and stiffness, no doubt mostly due to my Sjogren’s Syndrome, which does that whenever it feels like it. But really now, isn’t there a possibility of my fearing the next step? I’m convinced these things work together.

Anyway, I have a nice treat tomorrow going out to lunch with two nice, people; Tuesday, watch out typesetting, I’m coming for you!



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