Glad to report that the SHADOWS OF THE TREES giveaway is approved and will be starting on March 8th.

Meanwhile, back at the desk, it’s a story of trial, error, and constant reference back to the training videos!

Blurb’s training videos have, remarkably, got subtitles, so at least I can access them instead of trying to lipread. Usually the sound in online videos is too muzzy from my hearing aids. Well done Blurb!

They do provide a few amusing moments, though, since they have apparently been produce as voice-activated recordings, leading to some nice ‘oral typos’, to coin a phrase. Pilcrows I know well, but a Pell Crow sounds as if it might have flown from Wilderland, The Wall, or Grinnor. It’s good brain training trying to work out what subtitles are actually saying; I do it daily on the news broadcasts, which are similarly voice-activated. Today I saw that we can expect some ‘new weather France’ sweeping across the UK.

Of course none of this is any good to the Deaf community whose first language is Sign – we really need a lot more signing on all kinds of TV programmes in the UK. For me as a hard-of-hearing person the situation is redeemed by my knowing the sounds that have become confused, but not every Signing person can do that.

So tomorrow I’m going to enjoy more more training videos, and next I’ll tackle the Running Headlines. if I can hobble after them fast enough.



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