'No the computer has not been 'hacked by terrorists', you've got the Caps Lock on.'

Amazing! I’ve never dropped a capital on my own before. It may seem a small achievement but it’s so nice to see that ‘proper’ looking chapter opening.

How things change from Word to Word is a bit of a minefield. Strangely I am still coping with W2007 and we are quite happy together. Pulp, however, is running its video tutorials with W2016. Fair enough. Only I wasted a good twenty minutes in a state of puzzlement before I suddenly thought to Google ‘Where is the Navigation Pane in Windows 2007?’

Oh, there it is – it’s just called ‘The Document Map.’ Silly me for not seeing the – er – obvious similarity between those two. Whatever it’s called, I wish I’d been using it for years. The extent of my ignorance as to what Word will do, let alone what Pulp will do, is being exposed and it’s quite embarrassing.

At least Mystic’s eye is looking a lot better, wonderful eyedrops. They’re all having fresh chicken for dinner tonight so I hope they’ll be grateful!

Having a day off the PC tomorrow to go and visit my elderly cousin. I wonder what delights of typesetting and editing I’ll discover on Monday?

'I remember when you used to look for answers using your astute powers of deduction.'


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