Some of the Running headlines ran too fast and ended up in the wrong chapters, but I’ve caught them and caged them like squirrels. [Where’s that quotation from? No prize but see if you can guess.]

All the pages that should have page numbers now seem to have them.

Must quadruple-check one more time, then it may be PDF/ePub time before I know it.


Another snippet for you:

Beyond the decorous precincts of the temple of Jaren, the city of Sen-Mar was filled with noise and movement. People jammed the streets;
nobles and artisans, peasants from the precarious coastal and oasis farms and the inhabitants of the disreputable Southgate. Even some black-robed priests and novices wandered about, their usually hard faces wreathed in smiles. Smells of wine and beer, of food cooked in palm-oil and of sweating bodies, mingled and arose into the early evening air. Both the city gates stood open wide, and the sentries lounged at their posts.


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