The cats tell me they feel all this boring blogging about booxes has gone on quite long enough, and how do I think their fan-club feels with no mews abut their noses, constipation or misplaced pooing?

So here’s a mogblog for a change. How are they doing? This is what I told the cattery just a few days back, in anticipation of their upcoming stay while I depart to visit family:

‘Felix – much as he was except that his drinking has gone up. I have bookings for the three of them to have their Flea Program injections as soon as I get back, and will be taking Felix separately so that they can do a blood test for his kidney health as well.

Fluff – still needs the crystals to keep off the constipation, but seems pretty well otherwise. His coat is re-established now and I keep finding the odd matt, which I clip off once I can get him in a suitable grip! He sleeps contentedly for most of the day, his appetite seems good.

Things are slowly moving on for Mystic, but he’s basically well and happy and cuddly. The erosion of his nose is worse than when you last saw him. and he had a spell of severe nosebleeds through February and early March, I had to call the vet round for one that I could not staunch. He is still on his painkiller, but now takes an antibiotic daily to help stave off the inflammation and infection that cause the bleeding. It’s doing its job so far. Now and then his left eye flares up, and I have a partly used bottle of steroid drops I’ll leave with you in case that happens, it’s still going to be within the ‘month after opening’ while he’s with you. So that’s two daily meds and one possible, plus of course I know you’ll call in the vet for anything that alarms you about any of them.

After 20 months they seem settled and happy, Felix still not too companionable with the others but he does seem to be relaxing with me at last. Maybe if he needs treatment for kidneys that will help his anxiety too?’

The lady from the cattery was kind enough to reply to me – ‘thank goodness they found you.’ It honestly seems the other way round to me, they exhaust me but charm me and I love them very much, even when washing their bottoms or scrubbing bits of the carpet! Which admittedly is much less frequent now.

They send gracious greetings and tail-waves to all their followers.


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