It seems strange not to be either writing or editing currently – I’m sure something will eventually emerge from wherever it is that ideas emerge from, but meanwhile I’m catching up on house, garden and cat jobs.

Tomorrow I take Fluff and Mystic to the vet for their Program flea injection, and a general check-up. In Fluff’s case I think he may have itchy ears, and would also like the vet’s opinion on the long-hair coat, which I’ve never had to deal with before. Am I getting it right? How do you brush a cat’s tummy anyway?

Mystic of course needs more medication and a look at how his cancer is developing. He’s mostly OK but gets low spells when I think he’s on his way out, then shortly afterwards nips out to the garden, up the wall and in and out of the bushes.

Felix’s turn next week, also for Program but to have kidney-function tests too. I bring home a urine-testing kit tomorrow and then there will be blood-tests at the visit. I’m sure the vet and I won’t get too badly hurt!


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