Dry Well update – I have just seen the eBook is up on Amazon.

Mystic and Fluff both behaved well on Tuesday when they had their Program injections. Fluff unfortunately managed to fill his carrier with poo and to vomit on the vet’s nice clean floor, but both the vet and I were unfazed by this.

Apart from the injections, Fluff’s coat was pronounced to be in acceptable order, as long as I keep up the combing. (Easy to say!) His ears were waxy so now he has to endure drops of olive oil in them from his cruel mummy.

Mystic’s eyes are not good, the cataracts are doing what they do. The prognosis for the skin cancer is not brilliant, as the vet feels its advance must be described as ‘rapid’.

However Mystic retains his enjoyment of life, especially of food and cuddles.

I brought home copious refills of meds AND a clever granular kit to help make it easier to collect a wee sample from Felix before his appointment next week.

I love my gericatrics.





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