One of the jobs I am trying to progress in the afterdays of The Dry Well is the clearance of paper from Andrew’s office.

He had made some headway on this at the time of his death, and I have done odds and ends since then, but there is a new urgency now since at the end of this month the moth-devastated carpet will be replaced, and I must empty the filing cabinets so they can be moved. Current stuff can come out then go in again, but one whole four-drawer cabinet holds business and political files which need to be disposed of, so I am sorting that one first and planning to find a new home for it somewhere, thus making more space in the room.

It’s a strange experience going through Andrew’s working life as I am at the moment – he ran the business for over 30 years, and the files and files of shipping documents, pro-forma invoices and handwritten calculations of costs that remain are only a fraction of the paper that passed through his hands in that time. Yes, I’m recycling it!

He had a very distinctive hand, not easily legible but dearly familiar to me. It’s quite heavy work physically to shift all this, but I’ve been finding it harder emotionally than I expected.

Yet it’s good to feel the essence of people lingering where they used to be.

Xmas 2011 A on East Lancs train


2 thoughts on “TIMES GONE BY

    1. That’s very true medear. However, lots of happy memories stirred by this sort of job however wistful it may make you feel 🙂


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