Felix behaved very well at the vet yesterday, in spite of there being two needle events; one for the Program to go into Felix, and one for some of his blood to come out.

The vet has just rung to confirm that everything is reading higher than it should, and Felix must go onto meds and special kidney diet, which I will collect tomorrow.

Fresh chicken is still OK. So life is not completely ruined.

That’s now three cats with three different well-being additives to their meals. Sounds like fun, maybe a I need a live-in cat assistant?

Nil desperandum.



2 thoughts on “CATALOGUE 107

    1. He was not too impressed by the special diet today, though he did eat some. There are other brands out there besides what the vet had available, so I can try those too. Even a mixture will be better than nothing, blending renal diet with his normal food. And apparently fresh chicken is still OK too! 🙂


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