So the book’s done and dusted and I’m starting to give it away to the usual suspects, family, friends, the local library etc.

But promotion in the hope of generating sales has always been my weakest point since I started writing.

Lots of advice and suggestions on the web, but to be honest there’s so much I can’t take it all in, and such a lot of it seems to demand far more energy and enthusiasm than I have in store.

I deeply admire other self-published authors I know, who seem to achieve good sales by something resembling the endurance and determination of an antarctic explorer a hundred years ago.

Captain Scott, I am not.

I’d be grateful for one-sentence ideas from you all describing what you think is the most important thing to do by way of causing sales to happen to your works.

Many thanks. I’ll look at them when I’ve napped.


Indolence Voltaire

3 thoughts on “HOW ABOUT PROMOTION THEN? 1

    1. Thanks for being first responder! I guessed someone would mention Twitter, but I don’t even know how to tweet! Phone? PC? Aviary? Promise to consider it seriously. 🙂

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