They say we all have our good points as well as bad, and dear Felix has been proving that this week.

Felix the loner, the hitter of brothers and occasional biter of Mum, who has caused Fluff to develop a particular squeak of fear when he sees Felix coming; this tyrant has turned out to be the best cat I’ve ever known in the matter of eating up his Renal Diet as if he really enjoys it. What a relief.

Promotion – only one suggestion so far (thanks Jan Hawke) and that’s to try Twitter, so I have dipped my toe in (@eluthpublishing) though I retain my right to be sceptical!




  1. If you’d like to have some of the spadework taken out of building up a following on Twitter, Rave Reviews Book Club is a good option as they ask all their membership to follow and have a program to have every single member tweeted for, every day of the week (save Sundays).

    You’d also get your books into their catalogue and open to hundreds of people to read and review to get your rankings up. They also run other promo options, but you don’t have to join in unless you want to participate more actively. Those 2 reasons are helpful enough to the shy & retiring of us and it could get you more blog action as well.

    I know – I’m like a broken record with RRBC, but just the review and tweet aspect is something that you benefit from with hardly any effort aside for completing your form details, so arguably well worth the joining fee – $25. πŸ˜‰

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    1. Yes, and as I seem to be going through a sort of general revision of everything I’m adding that back onto my list of things to look at more seriously. Having abandoned, or being in the process just now of abandoning, the ‘business mode’ I will be freer to look at things, I think. Quite happy for you to remind me!


  2. I’m also looking into ALLi after something Tara’s just posted – Allied Indie Authors (of UK & Ireland, but all over the world too). Looks like they have a range of practical and pro services for the likes of us! πŸ™‚ Need to sort my cashflow first though. πŸ™‚

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