Yesterday I couldn’t blog since the carpet guys were recarpeting Andrew’s old office and all the furniture was so placed on the landing as to prevent my entering my study.

A small inconvenience to be rid of the last lot of the ancient pure wool carpet that was here when we bought the house. Well, I say last, the last apart from the understair cupboard but I’m still in denial about that…..

The new carpet is nice and the fitters very kindly carried downstairs to the garage the filing cabinet that is now surplus to need; I’ve disposed of four drawers full of Andrew’s business and political papers. This makes the rather small room seem lighter and more spacious.

Of the clearance of antique documents there is no end, but I can at least have a break now.

I shall never stop moth-spotting, as three carpets we bought new when we moved in are all 80% wool. This was a mere three or four years before the moth population of Devon had its explosion. Such a tiny beastie, and so beastly!



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