Well in fact I’m not 70 till next year, but I seem to be falling into the habit of snoozing after lunch. Which, added to my existing habit of idling after breakfast and ending my working day at 5 for a cup of tea, is bad news for productivity.

I think it’s compounded by the warmth and comfort of a snoozing cat on one’s lap. Indeed just now I was only roused after 30 minutes by a second cat jumping up yowling to be allowed to add himself to the heap. Occasionally there are three, but only if Felix institutes one of his rare detentes.

My current belief is that once this chilly breeze goes away I will at once start garden work. Mayhap tis more likely I’ll be snoozing in the garden on a nice reclining chair?

Sounds good to me.




    1. I have been doing that Ruthie dear, but some days it seems a bit excessive. I must confess the aged moggies are hard work, but I wouldn’t be without them. 🙂


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