No, I haven’t forgotten I’m a writer as well as a mad cat lady and inefficient gardener.

Given my general state of lassitude I’ve hit upon something I can do locally, which won’t immediately result in sales but may get some people reading my books; I am casting some of them upon the waters, like bread.

This means I’m giving some sets to local charity outlets and bookswap shelves, hoping to benefit, in the long term, awareness of my work as well as the charities.

A drop in the ocean, I know, but hopefully a few more people will enjoy the stories now, which is an important outcome, is it not?

I also asked the county library service how my previous donations to them were doing. Their reply was; ‘I can see from our catalogue that Perian’s Journey has issued twice, and Shadows of the Trees has issued three times.’

Having feared the answer would be 0 and 0, I’m delighted!



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