– one of those phrases we use without thinking. I’ve been under it for some time now, as evidenced by my lack of effort online and the dearth of blogposts, even the mogblog.

As I’m going away soon and will be offline again, I’ve dropped in to say hello and bore you with the details of my sub-weatherish state.

Firstly, what does the phrase mean? here’s a link to one popular explanation of its origins for you to contemplate:


Sounds plausible to me.

Secondly, in what does my sub-weatherment consist?

Here’s another link to one of the culprits, sadly with a lot of extraneous material but it’s a pretty good coverage of the problem:


Yes, the relentless march of rapeseed cultivation – it’s closing in on our village more each year, so I feel permanently as though I have a cold and/or hay fever all through spring and summer. It exacerbates the dry-eye aspect of Sjogren’s syndrome, and bungs up my head and settles on my chest.

Plus I may have a dental infection developing but my inner ostrich is still undecided on that.

Perhaps the chief factor today is that it’s Andrew’s 71st birthday, and I once again will be marking the day by taking flowers to the graveside instead of giving him gifts and taking him out for dinner.

So I aplogise for my absence, but you see how it’s been.

Hopefully when I get back from the Mildenhall Register Reunion I’ll be at least a little out from under the weather.


Andrew focus


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