They sat quietly again for a while. Then Montague said, “Brother, next spring we must invite Elyn to stay with us

here at the farm. I have been concerned for her ever since we heard that she was widowed. It would be a fine thing for that lad of hers to grow up here, nourished by your good fruit. And we are getting on now, a helping hand would be welcome, and who better than our own niece?”

“It would be a big change for us. A young child about the place, won’t that be noisy and troublesome?”

“Oh, Agravin. You met young Perian two years ago when we visited them in the town; a fat solemn baby, no trouble to anyone. It will do us good. I will tell him tales of the mountain, and you shall sit with him under the tree. Do say yes, brother.”

“Oh, all right,” said Agravin.



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