As evening was falling on the second day, Garren stopped and Perian looked all around him. He could see no landmark, nor was one place better for a camp than another. He was about to dismount when he felt Garren stiffen. Perian stood up in his stirrups and peered towards the south. There seemed to be someone in the distance moving towards them over the long shadows of the thorns. Perian put on his helmet and took up his shield. He sat and watched the figure approaching. Only when the stranger was quite close did his size become apparent: standing, he was as tall as Perian mounted. He stopped a short distance away, blocking the path, and Perian looked straight into his black eyes as darkness was falling.

The giant figure grinned like a crocodile.

“Go away, little knight, you are not needed here. Go back to your green valley and the sages of Lavrum will praise your courage in coming here and your wisdom in leaving well alone.”

Cycle of seasons


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