This time I can quote John Betjeman: ‘Not yet, thank God, not yet the night.’

Yesterday was an anxious day – Mystic had become so low and weak over the previous 5 days that I booked a visit from the vet, who duly turned up with a nurse and asked Mystic how he felt.

‘Meh,’ said Mystic. I said rather more to the vet, including, ‘Would steroids be any good?’

I know this is a short-term fix at best, but the vet felt it was worth a go, and gave him an injection that should last for a week. His other meds are now superseded by the steroid, and he can carry on with monthly injections as long as they help.

Once the emergency team had left, Mystic curled up on my lap and slept heavily for ages, awoke for tea and ate twice as much as at any meal over the previous week. At bedtime he walked quite quickly to his sleeping place instead of my having to carry him, and said, ‘Hurry up with the bed-time treat, Ma.’

This morning he ate all his breakfast and some of Fluff’s!

So he can go on with this for a while, maybe not a long while considering everything, but even a short extra lease of life is good. More cuddles, more purrs, more nice food.


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