“So, a visitor to my humble abode. You come armed and armoured, little man. Surely you are not here to hurt me? I have done you no harm.”
“My apologies, mighty dragon, but I have travelled some distance for the sole purpose of destroying you. It is hardly likely that I will depart before making the attempt.”
“Yes, little dragon-slayer. There you are right. It is hardly likely that you will depart.”
The dragon made a coughing sound that might have been laughter. Athellon drew Sheean and held it aloft.
“We shall see which of us will leave this place! Let us test the temper of my sword in your flesh.”
“No! Look about you, brave knight. See the scattered bones of dragon-slayers. They foolishly tried their weapons against me and now they are greatly honoured in Lavrum but they are no less dead. You cannot imagine how tedious it is, crushing the small bodies of men who place themselves within my grasp. It is more fun chasing the horses hereabouts, and there’s more meat on them. No, let us play a different game.”
“What do you propose?”
“A battle, not of swords and claws, but of wits. Who knows a dragon’s name may destroy it. Guess my name and you may strike me with your little sword. Fail and you will lay down the sword and run from me. You will not escape, but I will enjoy the chase. I do enjoy a chase.”



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