How madly can a Mad Cat Lady actually behave in a pinch? Let me run you through the plans for the day after tomorrow and the day after that. Among the people who take the trouble to read this, the division will be stark. There will be those who say, ‘Nothing odd about that’, and those who say ‘!?!*@???’

Tuesday is the day that Fluff has to be at the vet for 9.00 a.m. for his tooth extraction.

Problems include:

1) Fluff can’t have any breakfast
2) Felix must have breakfast or will eat the house while I’m out.
3) Breakfast usually happens around 7.15 as I don’t manage to sleep late these days.
4) Fluff will howl for two hours if left unfed while Felix is fed.

So que faire?

Monday night:

1) Prepare Fluff’s basket ready for the journey.
2 )Put into car the towel to go under said basket, my shopping trolley and bags, and my shopping list so as to make good use of my journey back from the vet.
3) Prepare something I can eat in the bedroom on Tuesday morning, also my morning medication, and secrete same in bedroom.
4) Go to bed a bit later than usual so the night won’t seem too long to my little preciousessss.

Tuesday morning:

1) On awaking, do not leap out of bed (I can’t leap anyway.)
2) Read, eat strange breakfast and take medication.
3) Shower and dress.
4) Time arrival downstairs for about 10 minutes before I need to depart.
5) Seize Fluff and place in basket, deposit in garage and allow to howl for no longer than the time it takes to prepare and offer Felix’s breakfast.
6) Depart to vet with Fluff in car and deposit him there anxiously (both of us.)
7) Get shopping and go home to continue worrying until vet phones back in the afternoon.

Nothing crazy about any of that, is there? No.

cat long-haired 1


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