So for many years Derren lived with the Lady Iranor on the hidden Isle.  At first they talked of death and sorrow, then of the daily lives of Derren’s people, their joys and their work.  But on the enchanted island, the two were far from these things, and time did not touch them.  Derren forgot about his home and family and began to speak to Iranor less of the ways of his world, and more about herself, her beauty, and his growing love.  Iranor loved him in return, and they became lovers. Two fair children were born to them, a son whom they named Drewin, and a daughter, Saranna. Derren and Iranor played with their children and walked hand in hand at evening along the quiet beaches.  Iranor delighted in these children more than in any of her immortal offspring, and would have dwelt content forever with them and with Derren.

The western isles.JPG


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