A rather wobbly Fluff made it home from the vet about 5.00 last night. His legs wouldn’t do what he wanted them to, his pupils were enormous and he didn’t feel like any tea.

This morning all of those things had improved a little, and as the day has gone on they are improving more.

As it turned out he only had one tooth removed rather than two, since the second one that looked bad turned out to be OK. All the remaining teeth are descaled, his ears have been cleaned, and he’s been eating. Not to mention using the litter tray. So we should be OK now.

Various tests were done and showed him to be still in the normal range of markers for kidney function, albeit at the high end of normal. Excellent for his age.

He has a post-op check in two days but the way things are going he should be fine. He sends a sleepy purr to all his fans.




2 thoughts on “CATALOGUE 114

    1. Only remaining niggle is his eyelid, which is stuck half-way – hope the vet is right about it sorting itself out.


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