In the clearing her children stood motionless, clinging together.  ‘Mother,’ said Drewin, and took a step towards her.

‘Keep away,’ she warned, and stretched one hand out to ward him off.  Saranna began to weep.

‘But mother, what is happening? What do you want us to do? We will do whatever you ask, only tell us how to make you happy again,’ Drewin pleaded.

The Lady turned away from them, crying bitterly.  ‘Go down to the sea. There you will learn what you have brought upon yourselves.’

They went stumbling and crying down to the shore, where they found a boat.  As they stood beside it, looking fearfully about into the strange dusk that was falling rapidly upon the sea and the shore, the voice of Ellanna came to them in the waves, full of sorrow, but nonetheless angry.  ‘You have shown yourselves unworthy.  You have misused the Runes of Power, the great creation of Iranor my daughter, and now we see that you are not fit to dwell with the Immortals and share their joys.  You must leave now, and never see this island again.  From this time you will live in the years as mortals do, and you will know death.’



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