The boat drifted on.  So still and quiet were the two that a fishing cormorant came and perched on the prow, close by Drewin, and stayed for most of their first sorrowful day.  The next morning they were surrounded by a family of grey seals, who poked their curious noses almost into the boat, blowing softly and grunting at the silent woman and the desolate man.  But neither Drewin nor Saranna noticed them.  Then on the second evening a vast whale rose to the surface so close to their boat that they were almost swamped, and Drewin fell with a cry into the tumbling waters, and was gone before Saranna could call his name. She jumped to her feet, almost toppling into the sea herself in her terror.  All around her the surface of the water seemed unbroken, save for a few small patches of foam.  There was no sign of either Drewin or the whale.



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