Arnuma gazed at Drewin for a long while before speaking.  ‘No – that is not the whole story. A story is not just the what, it must also be the why.  You say a whale brought you down here?  Well, there is a reason for that.  We must find the reason.  What could be the reason? Do you know, Drewin?’

‘No. I do not.’

‘Yes you do.’

‘No I don’t.’

‘Yes you do. You may not think you do, but you do. Tell me, why were you in this boat?  What passed before you were in the boat, before you met the whale?’

‘We lived together on the island of the West Wind.’

‘Then you are under the care of Iranor? You see, we do know many things; we know of Iranor.’

‘She was our mother, but she cast us out.  We may not return to our home, and we will die.’

Arnuma leapt up off the throne with a great cry.  ‘This is it! Here we have a reason!  If Iranor, beloved of the islanders, cast you out with your sister you must have done some great evil.  You have been brought here for a reason!  Tell me, what did you and your sister do?  What crime justifies such punishment?’