Reva-mal rose wearily from the floor and blinked at Drewin. ‘Come, I have a surprise for you.’ The guardian took Drewin’s hand and led him to the far side of the chamber where there was an opening in the wall. There was no stairway or ramp leading down to the city below, just a vertical drop. Drewin pulled back, but Reva-mal gripped his hand firmly and leapt through the gap. They floated downwards while Arnuma watched them from above. Reva-mal released Drewin and started to dive and swoop through the water with his arms outstretched, laughing. ‘Guide yourself with your arms. Pretend you are a fish!’
Drewin flapped his arms and succeeded in turning himself upside-down. He closed his eyes and screamed in terror, but Reva-mal came to his side and showed him how to control his swimming.
Gradually, Drewin learnt to glide and swoop like a bird above the city, and he was able to follow Reva-mal down to a safe landing on the roof of one of the buildings. Reva-mal landed in front of Drewin and bowed. ‘Welcome to my home! This way. Follow me!’

Shadows of the Trees