Sometimes he found himself at a place that looked familiar, and tried to pick a different route, but he could never remember what his original choice had been and so he went round in circles.  He became aware of this when he came, for the third time, to an open space with a statue at its centre.  He walked towards the statue and then round it.  When he reached the far side he nearly tripped over a small creature lying on the ground gazing up at the stone figure.  He jumped back in surprise.

‘Oh! I did not know that you were there.’

The being, which looked more like a fish than a person, looked at Drewin coldly.  ‘Why should you?’ it murmured, and returned its attention to the statue.

Drewin waited for some further response, but none came.  ‘I wonder if you could help me. I am lost.’

The creature continued to stare at the statue and spoke as if to itself.  ‘Do you? Are you?’

Drewin nudged it with his foot to attract its attention.  ‘Will you help me?’

‘What do you think of this statue?’

Drewin stepped back and looked up at the statue for the first time: he let out a cry and backed away, staring.  It was the perfect image of Saranna.  Every detail was correct; her hair, her eyes, the texture of her skin, the way she held her head.  The creature looked at him languidly.  ‘It is good, isn’t it?’

‘It is my sister!’

‘Is it?’

‘Why, how, is there a statue of my sister here?’

‘Why not?  How not?’ the creature asked, and returned its attention to the work of art.