‘I was lost in the city. I got separated from Reva-mal and came across something wonderful. It was a statue….

‘Lost? That should not happen. Are you sure that you were lost?’

Drewin hesitated before answering.  ‘Why, yes. At least I think so. Yes, I was definitely lost: I did not know how to get to where I was going.  But eventually I remembered that I could swim up, and so I came back here.  I want to tell you what I have learnt.’

But Arnuma was not listening to him: he was walking around in little circles and looking puzzled.  ‘Oh dear. I do not understand this at all. It is impossible to get lost in Leartenda because there is nowhere to go. How did you know that you were lost?’

‘I did not know which way to go.’

‘Oh dear! And where were you trying to get to?’

‘I don’t know. I lost Reva-mal and so I tried to go where we had been going.’

‘And where had you been going?’

‘I don’t know. If I had known I would not have been lost.’

‘But there is nowhere to go. Do you not see that? You cannot get lost if there is nowhere to go.’