It’s time I confessed – poor Fluff is suffering at the hands of a Mummy who has no idea how to cope with a long-hair. 😦

Since my holiday I’ve been forced to admit that there are more matts on the poor boy than I can deal with, and I’ve booked him in to see a nice lady who will de-matt him, clean his ears, trim his nails and generally beautify his lovely coat as he deserves.

Don’t tell him though!

A further confession is that despite the years of living with cats (about 60-65 years in fact – I have still made an elementary mistake in my attempts to groom him myself. I kept the implements of torture near my habitual seat and tried to brush/comb him during cuddle times. Of course this upset him and he got down. (D’uh!)

I’ve now put this right and moved grooming to the utility room – no-one is emotionally attached to the utility room. He still needs the lady who is going to be his new friend but I’m getting some useful grooming done and he’s having nicer cuddles (so am I!)

Engage brain before deciding when and where to groom cat – my new motto.

Next time an update on Felix.

cat long-haired 1


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