‘Come, Saranna – all is ready, we must go now.’
Saranna looked up vaguely at Torik. ‘Go? Where must we go?’
Tamnet came to Saranna, taking her hand. My dear, while you have sat here, thinking, we have been at work packing up and loading the wagon. Torik is ready to drive us to the Southgate.’
‘What are we going there for?’
Torik broke in, ‘Come now Saranna, you must know that we have to leave the city, in fear for our lives! Before the guards find us and slaughter our innocent children – have you taken no heed of all that has been said?’
‘I – I have been thinking, making plans. You are right, I’m sure, that we must leave. I must go into the desert and seek to heal this land.’
Torik turned and walked to the door. ‘Tamnet, bring the lady Saranna now, or she must be left behind! Whatever plans she is making, she can continue to make, silently, while we try to get the wagon to and through the gate – we cannot stay and listen to more of this, this nonsense.

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