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…they looked around until they spotted a dip in the bank that created an easy access point to the water, and here could be seen the top of someone’s head bobbing above the level of the bank.  Raðenn moved cautiously towards the head, and Mal-Den followed him.  Looking over the edge, they saw a face looking up at them from a small sandy inlet.  ‘Who are you coming a-frightening my dog like that?’

‘We beg your pardon, we are simply travellers trying to find our way home.  We did not mean to cause you any alarm.’

The face vanished, and they watched the top of a head, apparently wrapped in a strip of fabric, make its way along below them until its owner reached the sloping part of the bank and began to climb up.  As the person reached the top, they saw that it was a woman, and as she drew near they saw that she was old and weatherworn, with a brown wrinkled face.  Stopping before them she looked them up and down, her eyes blue and bright and her expression fierce.

‘You certainly do not look dangerous, a mere lad from Imman and an IssKor priest.  Where have you been travelling, then?’