Ambor and Rimor watched the slow progress of the strangers towards them.
‘Why do the men not offer them support?’
‘I cannot tell, Rimor. They will be here soon, and then we shall know all.’
Soon they could clearly see the four people drawing near. Two were short, two taller, and one of the tall ones was being given support by two of the others.
Ambor called to the men to hurry back. They ran to stand before the First and Second.
‘Why do you not help them with their sick one?’
‘It is not fitting, lady.’ The man bowed his head. ‘The strangers are all women, we must not touch them.’
Rimor cried, ‘Then why are they all dressed as men?’
‘This is of little importance. We must help, for that tall woman looks as if she is very ill.’

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