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A short way on, they stopped to rest, leading Regin to the water and taking food and drink themselves.
‘What shall we do if we can’t cross the river?’ asked Doren.
‘At the very worst, we shall have to travel back to the ferry and cross there; but Regin would have to stay on this side,’ said Tamnet.
Several children set up a clamour at this answer, and some wept.
‘We can’t leave him here!’ cried Allet.
‘Well, no need to think the worse just yet. The river is narrow just here, as well as fast and fairly deep; but we may yet come to a place where it is shallower and slower – it depends on the land. I can’t rightly make out exactly where we are, now everything is so different,’ said Mor-Len. ‘Come; let’s go on, into the wagon with you.’
By the time dusk fell, they were still nowhere near a possible crossing. They set up camp for the night, and Torik led many noisy and energetic games for the children, so that soon after supper they were all falling asleep, some in the wagon and some on the grass. So that night passed quietly.

perian’s journey

shadows of the trees (skorn 2

the dry well (skorn)

dreamless roads


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  1. Weel Words… that Dry Well was bound to cause a frog in your throat eventually! 😉
    Congratulations on finishing the marathon – have really enjoyed all the imagery with the worlds! 😀

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