If you are always looking out for an original take on the standard murder story, look no further than Clare O’ Beara’s fast-moving tale of mystery. Here the conventions of the police procedural have to give way; the police don’t seem able to proceed very far in finding the murderer of Laurel Cabot. Instead they accept the advice and deductions of the members of a Mensa convention hosted by the Dublin Mensa but featuring people of high IQ from all over the world.

It’s always good to have plenty of background interest in a crime tale, and I enjoyed learning more about Mensa, IQ testing, horse-racing, Dublin, and tree surgery along the way.

The tale has pace and interest all through, and Cara Cassidy, the heroine of the investigation, is an engaging character who goes on to feature in the sequels to this book.

It’s also very humorous, if the portrayal is accurate then members of Mensa deeply enjoy jokes and especially puns. Who could fail to enjoy a book that features an estate agents company called ‘Mycroft Homes’?

The book is well presented, I particularly like the large font which makes it accessible to more readers. Don’t miss this if you like murder and detection stories.

Clare O’Beara