This is the last Will and Testament of me Ebsworthy Tapson of the Borough of Launceston in the County of Cornwall Carpenter and Shopkeeper I bequeath unto my Wife Mary all money which may be in my house and standing to my credit in any Bank and all the household furniture and stock in trade in my business of a Shopkeeper, all debts which may be due and owing to me except the debts if any which either of my Children may owe me I give and bequeath to my said Wife the annual income which may arise from a sum of Two hundred pounds which by a certain Policy of Assurance will become due and payable at my death from the Royal Exchange Assurance Corporation Society . I give to my said Executors power to invest the said money arising from the said Policy and empower them to pay over the annual income arising therefrom as aforesaid I give devise and bequeath unto my Executors hereinafter named all those Messuages Tenements and Dwelling houses situate in Back Lane within the Borough aforesaid Upon Trust to pay over the annual rents arising therefrom unto my said Wife during her life but I declare that such annual rents as well as the annual income arising from the aforesaid sum of Two hundred pounds shall not be paid to my Wife in the event of her marrying again after my decease and on the decease or second marriage of my said Wife I direct that the said sum of Two hundred pounds and the whole of my said houses shall become the property of such of my Children as shall be then living their heirs and assigns share and share alike as tenants in common and not as joint Tenants Subject nevertheless that the share of each of such Children shall have deducted therefrom such sum as they shall respectively owe me at the time of my decease which sums so owing to me at the present time are as follows from my son James Fifty Pounds and from my son John Fifty pounds I direct that the shares which may become due to either of my Daughters shall be for her sole use independently of her husband . I appoint my said Wife and John Powell of Launceston aforesaid Grocer Joint Executors of this my Will hereby revoking all former Wills In Witness whereof I the said Ebsworthy Tapson have hereto set my hand this fourteenth day of December One thousand eight hundred and sixty four – Ebsworthy Tapson

In a codicil dated 8 November 1867 Ebsworthy revoked for good and special reasons the provision that the sum of fifty pounds be deducted from the share of each of his two sons James and John. The witnesses to the codicil were William Tapson Grocer and Dorcas Tapson, the son and daughter-in-law of his brother James. Ebsworthy died on 21 November 1867 at Launceston; he was interred at St. Thomas by Launceston Wesleyan Cemetery:

26 Nov 1867 Ebsworthy Tapson Launceston 77

Ebsworthy’s age given here, as in the census returns, suggests that he was born about 1790. His will and its codicil were proved at Bodmin on 30 December 1867; effects were valued at under £450.