Then Melkor dwelt for a while in a humble house in Valmar under vigilance, and was not yet suffered to walk abroad alone. But since in that time all his words and works were fair, and he became in outward form and seeming even as the Valar his brethren, Manwe gave him his freedom within Valinor. Yet Tulkas’ mirth was clouded whenever he saw Melkor pass by, and the nails of his fingers bit into the palms ofhis hands, for the restraint that he put upon himself.
And indeed Melkor was false and betrayed the clemency of Manwe, and used his freedom to spread lies abroad and poison the peace of Valinor. Thus a shadow fell upon the Blessed Land and its golden Noon passed; yet it was long ere the lies of Melkor bore fruit, and still the Valar dwelt long in bliss.
Now in his heart Melkor most hated the Eldar, both because they were fair and joyful and because in them he saw the reason for the arising of the Valar and his own downfall and subjection. Therefore all the more did he feign love for them, and sought their friendship, and offered them the service of his lore and labour in any great deed that they would do. And many of the Noldor, because of their desire of all knowledge, hearkened to him and took delight in his teaching. But the Vanyar would have no part with him.
1449. In this Year Feanor began that labour of his which is renowned above all the works of the Eldalie; for his heart conceived the Silmarils, and he made much study and many essays ere their fashioning could begin. And though Melkor said after that Feanor had his instruction in that work, he lied in his lust and his envy; for Feanor was driven by the fire of his own heart only, and was eager and proud, working ever swiftly and alone, asking no aid and brooking no counsel.

Morgoth’s Ring



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