more a cry for advice.

My current Family History project is to get some work by my late cousin Tony Tapson into some sort of electronic form so I can share it online.

The document consists of A4 paper in a plastic binder, all sheets easily separable for scanning. The quality is variable, especially with the photographs all of which look like photocopies.

I had hoped to scan the photo pages as jpeg and the OCR the text. However, a lot of the text is in columns and my previous experience both of downloading and scanning columnar text is that it loses its shape and the columns appear as a long thin ribbon of text down the left-hand side.

The present standard of my IT skills is such that the only solution I can work out for myself is to scan each page separately, each one as a jpeg, paste them into a Word docx then convert that to a PDF. I can improve clarity and contrast on most of the pages after scanning, and in some cases rescan photos from copies I have myself. The big problem is that the text is uneditable in jpeg format, which means the updates and corrections I know of (which will still leave it out of date, these things always are) are written in. It doesn’t look great but it’s bearable.

Before I tackle this any further, can anyone suggest (in simple terms please for I am a bear of very little brain and IT acronyms bother me) any simpler approach? All suggestions welcome.

Great Granddad Tapson (John Charles 1st) d.1913


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